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The Institute of Natural Therapy originated in 1987 with a group of therapists with a specific aim in mind: to search out the very best practitioners from a number of disciplines within "alternative or "complementary" medicine and gather them all together under one umbrella.

The I.N.T. sets high standards: originally, each member was assessed by experienced, reputable practitioners in their own discipline before being offered membership. Individual assessment is still important but as the I.N.T. developed, the trend has been towards more objective criteria and hard proof of competence as measured by both written and practical entrance examinations.

The originating discipline was hypnotherapy and members of this section of the I.N.T. are now found in a dozen counties in the UK and as far afield as Kuwait.

A Healing Section is now also operational and other disciplines will follow. The growth of the I.N.T. has deliberately been gradual. As the emphasis is on quality, the policy is for very careful assessment before accepting a new discipline and developing a new section.

The training offered by I.N.T. approved tutors is therefore second to none.


Membership Secretary: Christopher Clark, 18 Coombe Close, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3PA
[email protected]