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The I.N.T recognises and authorises tutors who are tried and tested in this field and have undergone a rigorous Teacher Traning Course to I.N.T. standards.All courses are preceded by a pre-course interview which serves two purposes.
  • It enables prospective students to meet their tutor and have their questions answered before committing themselves to anything
  • It enables the tutors to ensure that training is not offered to unsuitable people.

Things to look for when checking out training courses

  • When you first enquire about a course, you should be sent a prospectus, giving details of the subject matter, costs, tutors and other relevant information. You should read this carefully and make a note of any points you would like clarified. You should also resolve not to take on the course unless these points are clarified.
  • A reputable course should always be preceded by a pre-course interview. You should be able to meet your tutor before you ever commit yourself to a course or part with any money. If there is no such interview, and all that is required is a completed application form, it means that the trainers are not fussy about who they train.
  • At your interview, you should be free to ask all of your questions and expect honest answers to them. If you are not satisfied with the answers you are given, then do not sign up for the course - look elsewhere.
  • If interviews make you nervous, it may help to view it as though you are interviewing them, rather than the other way around. It is an opportunity for you to make sure that you are happy to let them train you.
  • Training courses usually lead to the offer of membership of the Institute authorising the training. A reputable Institute will always require you to pass an entrance examination.
  • You should make sure that you are offered some sort of back-up after the course has finished. All new therapists need support when they begin their new career. Help, guidance and advice should be available, free of charge.

What makes the I.N.T. approach so special?

  • The courses are fully interactive. Students are encouraged to ask questions or seek clarification. It is as just as important to gain understanding as it is to gain knowledge. I.N.T. tutors are aware of this and are prepared to explain things in depth and in simple, straight forward language.
  • I.N.T. tutors have all undergone the Institute's "teacher training course", which not only ensures that the same material is taught wherever in the world an I.N.T. approved course is held, but also requires that all tutors teach in a down-to-earth and realistic manner. We see no need for fancy terminology or other jargon.
  • I.N.T. tutors are responsible for new members for their first three years in practice. In other words, graduate students have a 3-year lifeline so that they are able to contact their tutor at any time for help, guidance or advice, as and when needed. If the tutor is unavailable, any I.N.T. practitioner will be pleased to help. They are an approachable, knowledgeable group.
  • At the end of the course you will sit the entrance examination for membership of the Institute of Natural Therapy. Your paper will be sent to the I.N.T. Examination Panel for appraisal and marking. Assuming you pass, you will be offered Licentiate membership of the Institute. This would give you the right to practise under the I.N.T. banner. Joining the I.N.T. would also give you access to other members for informal discussions. After a suitable period of practice as a Licentiate member, you would be able to apply for a review board hearing to assess your eligibility for Full membership.

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