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The idea behind all alternative (or “complementary”) therapies is that our own natural healing abilities should be helped and encouraged to throw off any illness, disease or other problem, rather than being suppressed by drugs or attacked by invasive therapies as a matter of course.

Perhaps you are looking for something more than the N.H.S. can provide. Natural therapies are increasingly being used to replace or complement and support other standard treatments so recovery can be quicker and more complete.

Perhaps you are unhappy at the idea of continually taking drugs to suppress symptoms instead of dealing with the underlying problems once and for all. Natural therapies will take a more individual and holistic (whole person) approach.

Perhaps you know there’s something not quite right but aren’t sure what the problem is. Hypnotherapists who are I.N.T. members are, by training and experience, well qualified to help you make the most of yourself.


Whatever your reason for visiting this site, you may rest assured that hypnotherapists who are members of the I.N.T. are leaders in their field.

Not only is their training more advanced and more complete than many, but they have also been examined both academically and practically to ensure they meet the high standards expected of I.N.T. members.

What exactly is CBT theory? According to CBT theory, our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and behaviour are all linked, and what we think and do affects how we feel. Thousands of clinical trials have shown that CBT is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to pain and insomnia. Direct Therapy In Brackley

As a client, you have a right to be treated by a competent, caring person. The I.N.T. goes to great lengths to ensure that only the “right” people are accepted for training, with applicants first having a pre-course interview before being offered training, and then having to pass the I.N.T. Entrance Examination before being offered membership. The end result is that your therapist is much better trained and so better able to help you with your problem than the majority of others in that field.

You are further protected by the Code of Conduct to which all I.N.T. practitioners are subject. All dealings with clients are conducted honestly and ethically, and the strictest rules of confidentiality are adhered to by I.N.T. members.

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