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The I.N.T. originated in 1987 and has become a mature Institute of professional practitioners. First and foremost, it aims to provide the best treatment and to protect the interests of the patient. It was set up:

  • to gather together into one organisation the best therapists in a number of disciplines,
  • to ensure that the training given to prospective therapists is to the highest standards,
  • to ensure that the training is followed up with help, guidance, advice and advanced training,
  • to ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained by its members,
  • to provide an organisation to which the general public and the media can go for information and advice.

The I.N.T. is a member organisation of G.H.S.C. (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council).

Hypnotherapy is a very special practice because, as yet, its true limitations remain unknown. It seems to be going through an evolutionary process in which new uses are continually being discovered.

Its origins date back to the early civilisations where it ranked as one of the main forms of treatment. However, with the march of world powers, it sank into obscurity and became lost. It was rediscovered in the 18th century, but remained dormant until the 20th century, being viewed as a strange curiosity having no particular use. It was then found to have therapeutic applications.

Since that time, hypnotherapy has blossomed. Perhaps the best known of its applications has been the anti-smoking therapy and weight reduction programmes. It has also been used for all manner of social problems from bed-wetting to improving a golf swing, from examination nerves to stammering. The use of hypnotherapy in the treatment of psychological problems such as anxiety, tension, depression and phobias is now commonplace. This is also true for many psychophysiological problems like eczema and psoriasis.

The width of this field of applications has caused hypnotherapists to investigate other possibilities which have yielded very impressive results.

In considering these uses, one may be forgiven for thinking that the techniques must be very complicated and involved. However, with good training they are not difficult to learn. The real skill lies in their effective application.

The treatment offered by I.N.T. practitioners is of a very high standard, and the training offered by I.N.T. approved tutors is second to none.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a form of treatment in which you will be given guidance in order to change your way of thinking and acting to manage your problems. Though it is mostly used to treat anxiety and depression, it is also quite helpful in the treatment of various mental and physical illnesses.

How does CBT work? CBT is based on the idea that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and actions are all linked and that negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle. CBT seeks to assist you in dealing with overwhelming problems in a more positive manner by breaking them down into smaller parts.

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